Payment Policy
Once you place your order, your account will not be activated until we receive your payment.
Teralets will bill for services rendered which are due with in seven (7) days. Client authorizes Teralets to charge credit card supplied by Client in our billing system, Paypal are also accepted.

Teralets may discontinue service for failure to make payment for initial fees or for any re-occuring fees thereafter. Teralets reserves the right to refuse, suspend, or cancel service pending receipt of a valid payment.

Refund Policy
1. B. 9.b of Terms of Use, Web Hosting Accounts - CLIENT may request Teralets refunds money within 30 days after sign up has taken place. CLIENT will be refunded the full amount they have paid. If 30 days have past CLIENT may cancel contract, however, CLIENT forfeits monies paid to Teralets. CLIENT may cancel account with Teralets and be removed from billing, thereby stopping all future charges.

2. C. 9.c of Terms of Use, Dedicated, VPS, Software Licensing and IP Transit accounts - Refunds will be issued to any order prior to service turn up at CLIENT’s request. Refunds are not offered on Dedicated servers, VPS, Software licencing or IP transit after service has started. Termination must be requested in writing with 45 day notice.

3. D of Terms of Use, Domain Registration are non-refundable, you may opt to transfer the Domain from a third party Domain Registrar.